Private Training


1-2-1 Training

Beneath is a list of subject areas that I can help with, however please read section titled 'self control & motivation', as there is more to training than meets the eye!  



       Focus (eye contact)     



       Take it/Leave it

       Loose lead walking

       Name recognition

       Recall training

       Up/off cue            

       Settle on request  

       How to greet guests



Before our training commences, I will ask you to fill in a short questionnaire so I can gain an insight into your dog's behaviour and training. Please go to my 'contact me' page, to request this form.

In our first practical session, I will  give you the chance to show me the level of your dog's abilities - this, along with your questionnaire, will allow me to gauge what level to start training at. I will then help you implement the training techniques required. 

Sessions are one hour long.

After the initial session, I will write a brief report, management options, and a training plan. I will also prepare a whole host of paperwork for you to read and digest at your leisure, so you understand what we''ll be doing, but more importantly, 'why'. 

Training is carried out at my location, either in the stable, secure tennis court or private fields. 

You have the option to pay as you go or book 4 week block sessions (see bottom of page)

We can either meet weekly or fortnightly, depending what fits in with you. 


After every session, I will update the plan, then send you a summary of our session and key points for you to practice



Behaviour Consultations

Sometimes unwanted behaviour can sneak up on us and this is where this service comes in.  Behaviour is a little more complexed than training, and the process requires me to analyse your dogs's history alongside the  behaviour being displayed. I then break down this information so I can identify the best methods to repair it. 

I will also carry out research where applicable and apply.  

Remedial training for behavioural issues, includes: 

       Dog/Dog Aggression 

       Separation Anxiety

       Destructive behaviour

       Protective behaviour

       Noise Phobias (fireworks/gunshots)

       Barking issues

       Any other fears/phobias/anxiety

Some issues are easier to fix than others, so length of time before seeing results will vary. Sometimes the initial session is enough, however sometimes we may need more. I may feel that basic training, along with 'Self Control & Motivation' (see next section), will give your dog the best chance of success. 

I will never make suggestions unless I truly believe it will help. Sometimes these suggestions may mean making lifestyle changes (either permanent or temporary). Sometimes you may need to buy equipment to help your dog with his issues (such as toys which provide mental stimulation or training equipment). 

Changes will only occur if my advice is followed and consistently applied, by all whom have involvement in your dogs life.

The first step requires you to contact me either by  email or phone so we can discuss the nature of the 'problem' and so I can give you intermediary advice for the short term. 

The second step is to send you a questionnaire by email.

Once I have received the questionnaire back from you, we can arrange to meet, where I will carry out a 2-3 hour behavioural consultation. During this time, the following can be achieved:

  • Discuss your dogs problems in more detail

  • Ask more questions if needs be, so I can create a more effective plan

  • Make subtle observations

  • Discuss and implement effective management advice

  • Start implementing behavioural training techniques

I will then write a report and provide an in depth, tailored plan, which will take into consideration how much work you are able to put into training on a daily basis, and how often we are likely to meet for training sessions (should we need to) - either weekly or fortnightly.

If, after our initial session, we do not plan to meet again, I will make a follow up phone call (in a time scale which gives you the most chance of success). 

However, if we do plan to meet and train, I will find out whether you would like to pay as you go, or whether you would like to book  'block sessions' (see bottom of page).


For more information, please go to 'prices page'

After every session, I will send you an updated plan and homework for you to follow. 

After 4 sessions have come to an end, together we can assess your dogs progress, and decide whether you would like to continue alone, or whether you would like to continue with our training sessions. 


Self Control & Motivation

In order to connect with your dog on a deeper level, I feel that focus and self control is really important. This form of training can easily and naturally be integrated into you daily routine, so it does not become an inconvenience. Rewards are not always food based but functional based,so we are fulfilling your dogs wants and needs in order to obtain the behaviour we want. Your dog wants to sniff? If he comes back on recall, then he can go sniff!!

We can also use motivational tools so that your dog is encouraged to carry out a behaviour  (training aids such as flirt poles or something as simple as a tennis ball!)

Working from a planned out reinforcement schedule will also help, as your dog is likely to work better in the future using food/toys on an ad-hoc basis, however it is best to use continuous reinforcement at the beginning, then work with your dogs level of learning from there on. As you can see, the plan will be tailored to suit your dog.

Sounding too serious? It shouldn't do, as there are actually plenty of training games we can play along the way! I aim my sessions to be fun, and for this reason they are productive! All in all, this background work will help to increase and reinforce behaviour patterns, and will provide a stable framework for future training, so that our training is not in vain.


Most importantly, this background work will hugely improve the rapport between you and your dog, and that of course means more than anything!


Before you book!....

Dog training and behavioural adjustment does not always give the quick fix the client is looking for.

I often find that 4-6 sessions are needed before we can start to see a change in your dogs training/behaviour, although it does depend on the nature of the problem. 

To speed up results, I would suggest that the client does a little bit of training everyday, whether this is naturally integrated into daily routine, or a 'set-aside' training session. My reasons for this are that I will only see you and your dog for 1 hour either weekly or fortnightly, which isn't much when you consider the hours in a week (we are awake for 112 hours on average!)

Therefore, staying committed to training will speed up the results you are looking for.   

With regards to training sessions - I will always be honest as to how much training I think your dog will need!


FREE taster session

In order to find out whether my training services are for you, I offer a 30 minute taster session for you and your dog.

This will give you the chance to ask questions, see whether the environment is right for you both, to see how we gel as a trainer/handler team, find out what I can offer you,  receive tips, and possibly learn some new techniques.   


Block sessions

This is a reduced cost for booking 4 sessions with a one-off payment. 

  The advantages of block sessions are:

  • meeting on  a regular basis keeps you committed to training (as we all know how busy life gets!) 

  • staying committed is the key to results

  • 4 weeks of training 'should' provide you the skills to continue training without me (if you so wish)

  • over 4 weeks we can gauge your dogs level of learning, and work out how much time you are putting in at home, which allows me to adapt the plan to suit (as so often happens in training)

  • works out to be cheaper than paying on a weekly basis

  The advantages of pay as you go sessions are:

  • benefits you individually as it gives you more flexibility

   For prices of all services, please click here