Puppy Classes - Wednesday 6:30pm - 7:30pm

  • Puppies (vaccinated) aged 12 weeks to 20 weeks


  • Involves reward based training and both modern/ 

       effective techniques

  • Only 5 pups per class

  • Lesson is 1 hour long

  • Course is 5 weeks long

  • Start off in stable, and progress to our outdoor secure dog training area

  • The class follows content from the Good Citizen Puppy Foundation Scheme

  • £60 per course

     New Beginner/Mixed Ability (currently unavailable)

  • Suitable for dogs of 6 months+ 


  • All abilities are welcome

  • Reward based training and both modern/effective techniques

  • Only 4 dogs per class

  • Outdoor training areas used during Summer months

  • Course runs for 6 weeks

  • Lessons are one hour long, however for a small fee you are welcome to stay for the

        socialisation walk afterwards (roughly 10 minutes)

  • £66 for class only/£70 if you stay for the socialistion walk

  • Content includes:



        Focus/Eye contact


        Loose lead walking

        Name recognition


        Wait at gate (plus learning about default behaviours)

        Polite greetings / 4 paws on the floor



Why book classes with me?

Besides being fun and friendly! Our stable is a nice area to train in, as is the fully secured outdoor training area.

Our stable will comfortably take 5 dog/handler teams.  It has EVA matting to provide a safe soft, non-skid floor for your dogs comfort and safety.

The stable is a perfect setting to start training, as it has no distractions. We will then move on to the secure outdoor training area, which will help set your dog up for the real world.

The aim, as always, is to set your dog up for success. Any advice given will reflect this.

Working with smaller groups of people, allows me to give you the time and attention that you require.