What I can offer:

  • A secure, enclosed paddock for exercise and dog training 

  • A stable as a non-distracting training area

  • A large drive as a semi-distractive training area

  • A private lake/field for more advanced training

  • 300 acres of farmland for exercising your dog or for advanced training​

How will this benefit you and your dog?

An important part of dog training (especially self control, focus, heelwork and recall) is to gradually build on distraction. This will help set your dog up for success in the 'real world'. Varying the areas of distraction will also help with this.

If you have a nervous or reactive dog, or a dog that won't come back when called, a secure enclosed area could be what you need. This allows your dog to explore freely whilst giving him the opportunity to express natural behaviours.

After our training session, feel free to walk your dog on our farmland, where we rarely see another person or dog

PHOTOS  (mobile viewers - please click on photos to enlarge)

Stable - Indoor Training
Stable - Indoor Training
Holding Pen for any extra dogs brought to a
1-2-1 session
Stable - Indoor Training
Long driveway for an outdoor, non distracting environment
Outdoor Training Area
Outdoor secure training/exercise area - increased level of distraction
Farm Track
Private Nature Reserve for advanced training
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